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Who We Are

We are a Triple Negative Breast Cancer charity based in the South East of England, set up in 2019 after our Founder, Sophie Benson, recovered from her own diagnosis of Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

During her treatment, Sophie realised that there was simply not enough research being done into the causes of Triple Negative and why this particular type of breast cancer was so aggressive.

Saddened at how many young women were dying of this much rarer type of Breast Cancer, she wanted to offer support to individuals and their families and enlisted the help of three trustees to enable her to put her plans into action.

What is Triple Negative Breast Cancer?

TNBC is a rarer and more aggressive type of Breast Cancer. Its cells do not have receptors for the hormones oestrogen and progesterone and it doesn’t express the protein, Her2. Only 15% of Breast Cancer Diagnoses worldwide are TN and it’s extremely rare for men to be diagnosed with it.

Unlike hormonally driven breast cancers, treatments are limited, and sadly four out of ten women will go on to have a recurrence either locally, or distantly. Cancer that reoccurs distantly is considered metastatic and though it may be treatable, it is not curable.